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Starting an internship with the Zuri Team

Hello World,

I'm Ahmad Aroyehun, I'm about to embark on an interesting journey with the Zuri Team, and I hope to share my adventure with you all.

Goals for the 8 weeks Internship

  • Understand my frontend skills (HTML, CSS, Javascript and React) better.
  • Learn Typescript and Graph ql.
  • Build Real life Projects.
  • Share the difficulties and the interesting part of the internship every Sunday of each week.
  • Work and collaborate with other developers.
  • By the end of the internship I hope to secure a remote frontend developer, javascript or fullstack developer job.

Thanks at zuri team, Zuri Internship.

Here are some awesome beginner's tutorials

Figma tutorial

Version Control with Git

Learning HTML and CSS

Using Javascript.

Nothing Good comes easy.

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David Dal Busco

Fun fact: Züri is the shorthand we used for Zürich🇨🇭😉

Good luck with your internship Ahmad!

ahmadcod profile image

Hi @daviddalbusco I saw a posting of your company Zürich , for frontend developer entry level,
I would like be part of your team,

ahmadcod profile image

Thanks for the nice words

udohprogresschristopher profile image

hello Ahmed, welldone