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Nice but not scaleable. Just try changing the width/height, falls apart, animation and axis alignment no longer looks right.


It is perfectly scalable.

Just add scale(.5); in line 14 in .wrapper transform and you will have it half the size.


not scaleable with scale(). The element will still take up its original size in the document, so you may need to use negative margins to deal with it, it's a bit inconvenient and hackish to apply negative margins for this case.

Also, does not lend well to a responsive layout. These issues have to be fixed so that width and height can be controller from parent button.

You are totally right brother 👊 this burgers are beautiful but not useful for real website's 🙏😁🌷


Looks sleak dude! 👏👏


I feel like the animation is a little too long to be usable on a live website, but other than that this is a really nice animation!


This is cool. Do you have codepen link for this code?


If you click on the codepen logo in the upper right it will take you to the webpage. Full link to the pen is codepen.io/ahmadbassamemran/pen/ab...

cheers ✌🏽️


The Source Code link in description below youtube video


Expected a hamburger with lettuce, tomatoe, pickles, cheese, and beef. My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined. I would like a refund.


This animation is so cool, seriously keep it up!


Man, that's the slickest animation I've seen using just simple spans. How easy is it for you to create these type of animations, does it require a lot of trial and error?


This is fantastic. I love CSS.