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Search the web faster and smarter with Inline Search Chrome/Firefox extension

Inline Search

Recently I was reading an article on Wikipedia and I came across this word which I had no idea of want it meant, but I was too famished by the article which made me reluctant to open a new tab to search for the meaning. I can recall soliloquizing “do I have to open a new tab to do this”.

Spark, an idea just flashed in, why can’t I write an extension for Google Chrome and yes of course for Mozilla Firefox that can make me search stuffs with search engines without leaving the page. “Yeah for sure I would love too”, I said to my self as I continue to read the article.

After reading I headed up to Figma to make some design on the idea and after that a week rolled by as I eventually developed the extension.

Inline search an extension for Chrome and Firefox that allows you to use your favorite search engines on the fly without having to open new tab. Get to search Google, Wikipedia, Bing and Yahoo as quickly as possible, all you just need to do is highlight what to search and hit the shortcut.

Have a look at Inline Search in action while writing a post on medium.

Inline Search in action

Download Inline Search for Chrome

Download Inline Search for Firefox

Inline Search source code is available on Github for contribution. Thanks!

Top comments (2)

mihai_vlc profile image
Mihai V

when should we expect to see the source code on github ?

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Victor Aremu

I just pushed it to GitHub. Have fun!