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No, and I don't even really have anything that would be a significant disability by most people's standards (astigmatism plus myopia (and light sensitivity and nystagmus if I'm particularly stressed out)).

Just to name a few things off the top of my head that I, as a 'normal' user have issues with:

  • Pages locking out zoom functionality, especially on mobile (a lot of apps lack it too, but that's not an excuse for me to need to turn on the magnifier on my phone to be able to actually read your website).
  • Nonsensical tab-index ordering. I often navigate primarily with a keyboard, and I come across sites regularly which will have really odd tab-index ordering that doesn't even correlate with logical parsing order of the page, let alone visible layout (for example, a nav bar that has all the tabs out of order when going by tab index).
  • Unintuitive interactions all over the place. See for example that you can get a permalink to a comment here on DEV by clicking on the date in the top right of the comment, but there's nothing indicating that that's the case. Or all the places on many sites where there's a link or button that is styled to look just like the surrounding (non-interactive) text.
  • Excessive use of the beforeunload event in cases where it's not needed, though part of this is an issue with Chrome (removing all of your event listeners for the vent does not reliably prevent Chrome from showing the popup anyway).
  • Lack of state preservation in the event of accidentally navigating away from the page (fixing this would remove most of the need for beforeunload). This one isn't even a hard one to fix either, it's literally a few dozen lines of JS plus some way to serialize your state.
  • Dark themes that have insanely high contrast. Not just an issue with the web, but theming in general. White on black is, for many people, actually rather hard on the eyes. Same goes for using washed out pastel colors for your dark theme instead of properly saturated colors (I'm looking at you Android 10). Ideal dark themes in terms of accessibility are more akin to DEV's night theme, albeit ideally without the heavy bias towards blue.

Given enough time, I could name dozens of other issues, but I'll just stop there for now...


Thank you for the detailed comment.

It's also true that people with no disabilities can also have a bad browsing experience due to bad accessibility. It's interesting to see that overlap and what issues are shared between people with disabilities and people without disabilities. For example, how you prefer to navigate websites with your keyboard and people who only can browse the site with keyboard due to their disability.

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