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I think it's really situationally dependent, but I feel that way about a lot of language safety features.

I've dealt with a few type errors in JavaScript, but TypeScript would not have caught any of them (they were all cases of runtime values being something other than expected, and thus collapsing to either undefined or NaN, that's quite simply something TS just can't save you from). The only exception to this has been dealing with the difference between and for...of loops, but that's rather hyper-specific and mostly due to my background in Python (where for value in array means you're iterating array values, not array indices).

Beyond that, most of the other arguments aren't all that great for me (I use vanilla Vim for coding, so type checking in the IDE isn't an option for me even if I do use TS, I'm pretty religious about documenting my code properly, so that's not an issue for me either, etc), so I have no real interest in using it.


Exactly, it totally depends.

I use vanilla Vim for coding

Love that you hold onto your preferences!

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