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How I learned and enjoyed at the same time in weeklong MLH Local Hack Day 2021

At 7th or 8th january'2021, I got an update about MLH Local Hack Day:Build. I registered myself as a participant and wasn't very excited about it & thought it just like all other events. The event started at 11th January,2021 and the very first checkin and welcoming event was so much interesting that it made me fall in love for this event. I still can't think that it's the last day and I have came across this amazing days of learning and enjoying.
We were told to join some Guild. Guilds are the teams here and participants' activity points and guild activities were considered to count guild points. A Leaderboard on their website always was shown for Top 30 Guilds and Top 30 participants. The other participants could check their points on a google sheet given on the discord server Announcements.
Now let's talk about how we collected points. We were told to attend as many as workshop we could attend and check in. And the most importantly, we had our Daily Task and WeekLong Task Board which we were submitting in forms and as DevPost projects. The tasks included programming and thinking of new project ideas using different programming languages(more) and also some fun activities like Dino game, Bob Ross Paint, Cup Stack etc. So I got friendly with new languages and skills.
At the weekend, we were given new challenges and me, with my guildmates participated in a Member Event Hackathon of LHD, named Rose Hack. So the whole week event took my all the involvement and help me through time management, team management & learning lots of things like languages and more. All over the journey was so good that I don't want to end it. But "End is the New Beginning". So let's wait for the new season with new opportunities and excitement.
MLH organizes Local Hack Days thrice a year and the series is: Learn Day, Build Day, Share Day. So you can also participate and learn & can be introduced to an amazing hacking community. #MLH #MajorLeagueHacking #LocalHackDay

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