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TomatoPHP - Laravel Admin Panels

"TomatoPhp, the cutting-edge framework designed to revolutionize the way you build web applications." -

I use TomatoPHP as CRUD generator, which has an admin panel and also has many features, the documentation mentions some of its excellent features:

  • SPA App With Blade
  • CURD Generator Web / API
  • Support HMVC Architecture
  • Authentication & User Manager
  • Responsive UI Using Filament Template
  • RTL/Dark Mode Support
  • Ready to Use Breeze Tool Kit Support RTL/Dark Mode
  • Ready to Use Arabic / English Translations
  • Easy To use Menu With Provider

TomatoPHP use Splade and Breeze for backend and VueJS, Tailwind CSS, Vite JS and inertia JS for frontend.

You can go through the documentation page to learn more about all TomatoPHP features.

Here are some commands i used to try this package:

$ composer create-project tomatophp/tomato laravel_tomato
$ cd laravel_tomato
    # Update `.env` file:
    # -1- edit your APP_URL and APP_HOST
    # -2- edit your DB configuration
$ yarn install
$ yarn run build
$ php artisan key:generate
$ php artisan config:cache
$ php artisan migrate
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To run the web:

$ yarn run dev

# or, if you have valet:
$ valet link

# then open your browser, go to:
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Login with using password QTS@2022

Building customers CRUD:

When I wrote this blog, TomatoPHP was still using Laravel version 9, so we have to use correct laravel modules.

$ composer require nwidart/laravel-modules "9.*"
$ php artisan make:migration create_customers_table
  # -1- edit `\database\migrations\{create_customers_table}.php` file
$ php artisan migrate
$ php artisan tomato:generate
$ php artisan config:cache
  # -1- edit `composer.json` file, add modules folder:
    "autoload": {
        "psr-4": {
            "App\\": "app/",
            "Modules\\": "Modules/", <<===<<
            "Database\\Factories\\": "database/factories/",
            "Database\\Seeders\\": "database/seeders/"
$ composer dump-autoload
$ yarn run build
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  • TomatoPHP documentation (here)
  • Laravel Modules (here)

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