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Agility CMS vs Contentful: Which Headless CMS is Right for You?

joelvarty profile image Joel Varty Originally published at Updated on ・1 min read

Agility CMS and Contentful are two of the top CMS platforms available on the market today. They both advocate for a Content-First, or Headless, approach to managing digital content. The benefits of this are many and varied - including the ability to reuse content across multiple screens and channels, such as websites and mobile apps, and better workflows.
Content-First also has become the new industry standard for organizations seeking to revolutionize their online strategy and digital presence.

These solutions start with a cloud-hosted content service such as (Agility CMS or Contentful) that allows editors and marketers to manage the content on their digital properties, and for developers to consume that content using standardized APIs to create great online customer experiences.
The ability to reuse the same content over time as technology quickly evolves and as new digital channels emerge is key to being successful with any content strategy, and both Agility CMS and Contentful ascribe to this approach.

While they are both similar in their Content-First approach, Agility CMS and Contentful are rivals in the industry and have differing opinions on how to implement that approach. This guide will illustrate those differences and help customers decide which platform is best for them.

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Erik Dietrich

Hey Joel. A piece of (admittedly unsolicited) feedback from an engineer-turned-content-marketer's point of view:

(Minimal) raw traffic to this syndication notwithstanding, your framed video is great! Really informative, clear and interesting. I threw you a like/sub from our business account.

Your CTA here, OTOH, is... tough. It takes the reader to a jarring purple/gold "did someone just steal my SSN" page that doesn't line up with the muted colors, "request a free consultation" vibe.

Anyway, my intention here isn't to sharp-shoot your content marketing efforts. Rather, it's to say, "hey, if this DEV syndication of Agility kinda lands with a thud from an ROI perspective, and you're still interested in content marketing, maybe we should talk."

Or not -- I'm enjoying your posts either way.

joelvarty profile image
Joel Varty Author

Thanks, Erik!

I've actually switched up the post to be a bit more of an intro to the 2 platforms with a link over to the full post.