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How to automate a multi-channel functional test scenario?

For any company with a software development activity, Agile development method means functional test automation.

Why? Because the fast pace of agile development sprints leads to a growing need for non-regression tests. Therefore the automation of functional tests is absolutely essential to process this growing mass of tests to be performed.

Advantages of Agilitest for automation

Choosing a test automation solution is a crucial choice that involves the long-term business processes related to software validation. Agilitest stands out from the competition by several fundamental aspects: ergonomics and ease of creating a test when you are not a developer, interoperability of tests between different actors of a project thanks to the open standard ATS (ActionTestScript), or even the compatibility with web, mobile, desktop and webservice applications.

It is this latter asset that we will develop in this article, because it is not all about being able to test different technologies on several platforms, you must also be able to test them together in the same test scenario. And that's where things get tough.

Tests of several technologies

In Agilitest jargon, the opening of a channel consists in implementing the possibility of interacting with the system **tested by submitting to it the **automated actions which must be carried out in the same way as a manual tester...

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