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Mathilde Lelong for Agilitest

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Agilitest uses graphic recognition in test automation

A new feature has emerged in your favorite software testing solution! The graphic recognition of elements of your applications (web, mobile, desktop) to make comparisons of graphic elements with each other.

Logical capture and graphic capture

Until now, detections and comparisons of application elements required capturing an element and its text attributes. To do this, you used the capture tool of Agilitest which allowed you to dig into the tree structure of your application and its data logic.

Now, this capture tool has been expanded with a graphical capture possibility which "photographs" a small area of ​​the application in order to detect its occurrence during a test, once or several times.

Implement a graphic capture of your application

To use the graphics recognition functionality, simply open the Agilitest capture tool and select a rectangular area. The blue selection rectangle allows you to choose the area to be captured, for later detection during a test.

Image descriptionSelection of a graphic area in Agilitest

Once the image is selected, Agilitest allows you to copy or save the image for external use, but you can also drop the image directly in an Agilitest comment or access the tree of elements to generate an activatable zone...

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