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Outreachy blog1: Introduce yourself.

Who am I?

Hi there, My name is Agien Petra Ukeh, also known as PDOC. I have a Bachelor of Technology in Software Engineering, and I am interested flutter mobile Application development. Currently, I am a data analysist using #SPSS, and an academic research assistant/writer. I have great project management skills, social media and community management experience, coupled with graphic design skills. My interest in Telemedicine is my main interest in the Mboalab community for which I am interning on working on a digital Stethoscope application.

My core values

  • Fulfilment:

Nothing brings me more joy than when i feel fulfilled. My fulfillment comes from making an impact in my community. From being the marketing lead of my GDSC, to being an organizer at the WTM of my community, each time there is an impactful event, i derive so much joy.

"Success without fulfillment is the ultimate failure.” - Tony Robbins

  • Vision

I like to see the not now but the then aspect of anything i do. When i believe in something or someone, I try my best to make sure i give in my best.

"Life is indeed like a spoon. You never can tell" - Petra Ukeh

  • Accuracy

As a researcher, I believe so much in accuracy. It is either it or not it. Words such as close to it are hardly used by me.

"Fast is fine, but accuracy is everything.-Wyatt Earp"

  • Goodness

Strange enough, I believe the world is full of goodness, and i give everyone a shot at being good. I just believe we are born with consciences and it could only be a thing or two that will cause someone to act otherwise.

"The world is full of good people, If you can not find one, be one"

  • Constructive criticism

I believe in honest opinions and as such, when i am positively criticize, for some reason, it gives me joy as it always gives me room to grow. Given that i like learning, this value of mine is my most satisfying value.

"He who has the right to criticize, has a heart to help" - Abraham Lincoln

My motivation for Outreachy.

I've always enjoyed community contributions but had no experience with international/open source communities. When i heard of Outreachy from a past intern during one of our events, I felt like this is it for me. So, I got to the website, and found out more about the internship. I then applied, and coming across Mboalab increased my motivation. I had contributed to this organization for two cohorts, but was not shortlisted. I did not stop, and each time, I got better and learnt alot. I was so excited about getting selected for this particular organization, and I intend to input my best, and showcase the amazing projects this organization is incharge of.

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