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Osler Hutson
Osler Hutson

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Transform Digital Identity with AgentChain

My name is Osler Hutson, and I'm the founder of AgentChain. We're a digital identity solution aimed at transforming compliance in industries like insurance, finance, and real estate through dynamic NFTs and Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT).
The Opportunity
We're on the verge of closing a major funding round and our mission extends far beyond the current hype around blockchain and NFTs. We're building technology that has real-world impact, solving complex problems for licensed professionals and entities in compliance-related sectors.
The Role
We're looking for a technical lead who's as serious about this mission as we are. Your focus will be on creating an intuitive and user-friendly front-end experience that will be the tipping point in our conversations with investors. We need someone who can visualize a timeline and execute efficiently.
Why You Should Join
The right individual will find the task at hand to be rather straightforward, albeit pivotal. We're offering a rare ground-floor opportunity to share in the equity and future profits of what is set to be a transformative venture.
Next Steps
If you're self-motivated and you've been waiting for a chance to make real-world changes using your skills in blockchain and UI development, please reach out and let's explore how we can make history together.

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