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Agatha Mendonça
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React: How should I start?

To be totally honest, I was always unsure about React. While I was learning to code, I heard most about organizing our CSS and HTML from your javascript, so why is this thing called React telling me it's ok just to put them together? So I have fought against this idea, and for some time, I just tried alternative libraries, but when I started using it, I found out how powerful React actually is.

This article aims to share some things that I have learned in the past years working with React.

But what is this thing called React?

Even if you are new in this area, you must have heard about them, maybe a tutorial or some random article about one of the most popular javascript libraries, but you can still think: "ok, but what is this thing called React?"

React is an open-source library built by Facebook to be the View layer on an MVC application. What makes React so powerful is the ability to create reusable and custom HTML elements, turning the tasks to develop user interfaces more efficiently.

Should I start learning React?

Quickly answer is yes. React is a powerful library with lots of opportunities, and each day, more companies start using React in their applications.

But if you just start with codding, you need some structure before jumping into React, or your experience will be really disappointing and frustrating. I recommend you first build a good understanding of HTML and CSS, learning javascript will also be essential, and last, you should comprehend the basics of DOM.

How do I start with React?

The simplest away to start use React is using static links, this isn't the away you should use React in your future applications, but it is good if you just want to explore the library and start studing, you will just need copy and past the scripts into your HTML file and that's it you alredy can start coding.

<script src="" crossorigin></script>
<script src="" crossorigin></script>

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