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Release Announcement: OpenTelemetry logpusher v0.2.0

Logpusher is a OpenTelemetry focussed Observability utility which allows you to create a log line in an OpenTelemetry compatible format and send it to an OpenTelemetry collector.

./logpusher \
  -ep http(s)://otel-collector:4318 \
  -c 'This is a log line'
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On behalf of all those who contributed, I'm excited to announce logpusher v0.2.0

This release includes:

  • Standalone binaries for each platform (win, linux, Mac Apple silicon)
  • A new --insecure flag to promote "secure by default" coding practices
  • Various bug fixes

HUGE thanks to all the contributors! If you want to contribute to your first OSS project, I'm happy to get you started :)

Find the release here, get started with the docs, find the code on GitHub or try it in a browser with Grafana Loki.

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