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AG Grid Community Update June 2022

How was your June? AG Grid managed to spend a lot of time at conferences and we wrote up some experience reports.

All the blogs have links to recordings and selected talks.

And if you are interested in getting hands on with AG Grid we presented two workshops at the conferences, video recording and code links are below.

We also had fun by releasing our first music video. It was actually created by Samantha from Angular Nation but features the AG Grid team dancing with our CEO Niall Crosby doing the bulk of the dancing on behalf of AG Grid.

On The AG Grid Blog

What else is new on the AG Grid blog?

How to Evaluate a Javascript Data Grid provides some suggestions for evaluating a data grid based on our experience and from case studies we've gathered from customers. When putting the post together I was surprised to see so many jobs advertising AG Grid as a key skill so I added that as one of the evaluation criteria, after all, you want to know if you can hire experienced staff when you choose a component.

Styling AG Grid with Custom CSS explains some of the ways of using CSS to style the grid. We have another post about themes coming up. And in our new release of AG Grid we've extended styling capabilities even further by allowing use of CSS Variables when creating themes.

Headless React Table Compared with AG Grid compares AG Grid with React Table and has Storybook examples for the different features compared. We are big fans of React Table so the post above is a comparison, not a hit piece.

Both the "headless" and the "evaluation" posts are a result of us being aware that different projects have different needs. Some projects want to build their own GUI for the grid, in which case React Table is a good choice. Other teams want more features out of the box, in which case AG Grid is a good fit.

In fact, we've teamed up with Tanner Linsley to try and improve the quality of all data grid offerings available and help people understand which technology fits each project most effectively. Tanner wrote about this partnership on his site.

Our new version of AG Grid has some major changes for Angular around Generics and using the Ivy Distribution format. This requires some changes for older versions of Angular which you can read about in this blog post.

Stephen Cooper made an appearance on The Angular Plus Podcast and we've summarised the podcast in the linked blog post.

Community Updates

But it wasn't just AG Grid that was busy, we found a lot of community content related to AG Grid as well.

Community Projects

We also found a tonne of projects using AG Grid out on Github so it might be worth diving into the code and seeing if you can learn something.

Plenty of stuff there to dig into.

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