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AG Grid Community Roundup July 2022

We melted our way through the heat of July to try and find the best of the content on the web related to AG Grid.

We also released a new version of AG Grid


We found an interesting video from Valispace, I think it is one of their recruitment videos but it describes their evaluation and adoption process for AG Grid:

  • How AG Grid chosen?
    • Aware of the libraries available
    • Create a proof of concept using the library quickly
    • Explore the main use-cases at a high level
    • Evaluate the results
    • Test with 100s of thousands of rows

AdapTable Tools have been creating quite a few videos recently. And this one shows a demo of their save charts state feature. Adaptable is a great example of how extensible AG Grid is in the right hands and their AG Grid extension can really add a lot of user focussed features instantly when added to your project.

Philip Eschenbacher has created another video in his Mongo DB and AG Grid series showing how to use enhanced Graph QL Searches.


Max Rosenberg wrote a blog post showing how to combine React Query with AG Grid. This has been on our internal todo list for quite some time so we are grateful to Max for creating such a good post we can point people towards.

Brian Love on his consultancy Live Live App posted a blog post about AG Grid Rendering pipeline this explains in detail the ordering and scope of rendering features in AG Grid: value getters then formatters, then renderers.

We also released a few blog posts on the AG Grid blog:


We found quite a few apps using AG Grid that we were not aware of and added a Github section on our sample apps page which lists interesting projects that use AG Grid and release their code on Github.

A few projects to take a look at that we became aware of recently:

There are many more on the Sample Apps Page


Stephen Cooper and Mana Peirov from the AG Grid team appeared on the Adventures in Angular podcast discussing Testing and Charting.

You can listen to the podcast here.

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