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Discussion on: The Value of a Senior Developer

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Kyle Kelly

This post is spot on. Let's get the downer portion out of the way first: what struck home about this article was "they’ve experienced challenging phases where they were really quite bored of walking to the same gallows time after time". Senior Devs (SDs) get a lot of experience from a failed project that they have to take the hits on.

Going back to the positive, I'd point out that SDs provide a lot of value in that their architecture tends to allow flexibility, because we know that the project scope/requirement is going to change. We plan for it, and only express minor irritation when the inevitable happens. We're also more realistic about what has to be rewritten in a legacy system, what can be left alone, and how to take into account the budget (whether money or time) to make the decision.

I'd also like to say that, as a Senior Dev, I'd respond to a job advertisement like the one listed.

Good article.