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Changing the base Linux image in spring-boot:build-image

The spring-boot-maven-plugin can create an OCI image from a jar or war file using Cloud Native Buildpacks.

By default it uses a builder called paketobuildpacks/builder:base which is based on Ubuntu 18.04 and is suitable for running a Spring Boot application.

But you can choose another builder, for example:

  • paketobuildpacks/builder:tiny is a lot smaller because it has the minimum requirements to run you application, even sh is absent (you can't open a terminal in this image)
  • paketobuildpacks/builder:full its the oposite of tiny, containing a lot of tools and commands.
  • paketobuildpacks/builder-jammy-base is based on Ubuntu 22.04

The list of all builders is available in Paketo Builders Reference.

It's just a matter of configuring the builder in pom.xml:

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