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re: I'm new to Web development, For me the design looks really good. The things i didn't like are when i open the sliding navigation bar, i cannot clos...

Thanks for the feedback. Yes good call on the inner margin. I will add some CSS tweaks on it. Mobile is the most important since many visit the web via mobile and is the most challenging. I’ll definitely look at how to improve the experience there.
Thanks again so much for taking the time.


@adyngom A couple things I'd add on to AdhipathiPandiyan and Prahlad Yeri's comment, I too love the design, it looks really clean and modern but a couple bug bears.

  1. When you scroll down to the bottom you find quite a lot of empty space especially the bottom right, a whole square.

Instead of having the "No more Posts" as a small text at the very bottom, almost like an afterthought. Maybe use it productevly to fill in that empy square with some colour saying there are no more posts and to check back soon?

  1. The side bar which pops out on the left. Two slight issues,

i) The scrolling, The standard scrollbar really sticks out there.

Consider either making a custom one or just make it so there is no need for the scroll as from what I can see it could easily be removed.

ii) Something @adhipathipandiyan already touched on, the X button.

For exiting maybe allow users to press away from the side bar to remove it. This removes the hassale of the x button for computer and laptop users and little touches like that really help a product or site.While for mobile users consider making a swipe action to remove and/or add it.

Hope this is of some help! Great site!

Thanks buddy will certainly act on those. Really appreciate you taking the time 😀

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