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Fleshwound⚡ for AdultChain Project

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Looking For Front End Developer

Looking For Front End PHP Dev

for a live streaming adult entertainment platform

Hey guys, I really hate my first post being a request for help, but I seriously couldn't help myself after finding I cant tell you how much l love using markdown for everything I do so you can imagine how excited I got when I clicked on “write post” and was immediately familiar.

So anyways it would seem that I have inherited a cryptocurrency AdultChain after the dev left the project and handed it down to me after it had already been done once. I dont plan on doing the same so Im turning to the community.

We have been handed the code from the previous team and it actually looks like a lot of it was roughed in, and we would like to find somebody willing to

  • help complete the platform
  • maintain the code for us possibly.

What we currently need

  • age verification
  • user content management (ie, scheduling shows, alerts, info page etc)
  • web wallet integration to allow micro payments and tipping of AdultChain
  • chat box, commenting
  • other stuff I forgot?

The platform in its current state is supposed to be a Chaturbate clone or similar. The site in its current form can be seen here AdultChain.Live

We currently have a back end developer who was kind enough to get both the front and back ends communicating as well as tested their streaming capability but we still need to find someone able to complete it so we can at least start Beta testing.

Normally I would just be begging for help in a situation like this, or forced to learn things I probably shouldn't be using in production, but I can happily compensate the qualified individual for doing this work for us. I understand there is a bit of a stigma attached to the whole industry and understand some people being turned off by the idea of working on such a project but if non of that bothers you please direct message me or come talk me in discord.

Im really interested in talking to someone a little technical its been rough asking the actual community lol. Im a script kiddy at best and just cant do this in the time frame needed.

Look me up on twitter as well for reference @Fleshwounded

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Ben Halpern

Hmmmmmm, this post may not garner a lot of attention because it might be a bit broad for folks to be directly helpful, but perhaps you might want to give our mentorship program a try:

It's an experimental program from us but it might just be useful for you.

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AdultChain • Edited on

I just noticed that after signing up believe me, I hated posting it, but figured Id give it a go anyways I can assure you it was not an advertisement of any kind, just a weird situation Ive been thrown into and Im trying to solve...

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Fleshwound⚡ Author • Edited on

Also really just looking for someone smarter then I am in doing all of this... I'm maintaining the wallet already in this repo so more asking for help then looking for someone to just do it... though im perfectly happy if they did, Im swamped. Im still going to be watching and asking 100 questions.

I need to know how to fix things later on anyways, which again is why I turned here, not even sure how I went for so long not knowing about
I'm embarrassed.

Still gonna check the mentor program out, I think its really the coolest thing Ive seen so far. Nobody really teaches you anything normally, not in real life Im afraid, anyways thank you