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re: You've poked the bear! And almost everything I'm saying here applies equally to Turbolinks, which suffered the most undignified release non-strateg...

Thanks for your detailed answer.

While I agree that things are moving slowly with Stimulus, I am grateful to Basecamp for making this open sourced, battle tested, well documented.

Yes the last release is more than a year old and for any Javascript developer this is a smell. I took over recently a React project that wasn't that old and I had to bump Redux by 3 major versions!


  • In the list of issues I don't see anything major that should have been addressed urgently
  • What Stimulus is intended to do it does it perfectly well and it just works
  • Basecamp is a 50 persons company and their main business is not delivering Stimulus / Turbolinks
  • Yes I am also waiting for the v2 and the Value API but this new API is mostly a convenience feature. There isn't much that I will be able to do with v2 that I am not able to do with the current version. It will just make controller cleaner (except maybe for the changed callback)

Still, I agree that it would be great if they could publish some more open roadmap of what they want to do so that more open source contributors could submit PR rather than waiting for them to make the call.

Adoption rate might be low within the Rails community, I am not sure this is really only Stimulus issue. I think one of the major challenge Rails dev are facing is moving from their Sprockets old style jQuery in the view Javascript to a more modern Webpack ES6 style javascript.

With regard to my comments in the forum sorry if it was misinterpreted
I think my main intent was to say that
1) diluting the community won't make it more active as a team
2) while discord offers real time chatting, it ends up being a private discussion group and all the content generated within this group cannot be searched and found by a newbie Googling questions on Stimulus
3) While maintainers don't answer to all post on Discourse I am sure they are reading it. Quite often they will answer when they feel like a more advanced answer is required. So keeping feedback, requests, pain point in front of their eye is important
4) also in some way Basecamp sees Discord as a competing product. Lots of their talks are against distraction caused by tools like Slack/Teams and by extend Discord

Thanks for all your contribution to this community looking forward to test you Image gallery controller


Interesting perspectives!

I used IRC, Campfire (and later HipChat) long before Slack was a gleam in the eye. I think Basecamp made a principled decision to move away from RT chat, and frankly - I don't love RT because I personally lack self-control to not jump in. It ends up being incredibly distracting, although I will say I like it for StimulusReflex as an open source project far more than I like it in a professional setting. It's really hard to find organizational data in a mountain of chat.

That all said, the reason I've been positive on Discord for our project is that forum posts are slow and kind of lonely - they don't encourage people to jump in and problem solve in real-time as a community. If you show up at the SR Discord with a problem, you get tackled by a group of experienced developers that treat your arrival as good news and actually set down their tools to help a newcomer get over the first hump. It's allowed us to build an incredible community in a relatively short period of time. People sometimes get emotional (in the good way). That is just not a thing on a message board.

I agree with you about Basecamp not being in the business of promoting Stimulus, because it's not really something that can be debated. To me, the important question is what, if anything, we as a community of users are willing to do to change the story going forward. Open source projects can grow bigger than the creator envisions, but it's not going to be done for us.

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