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for your question about require are you using Rails 6 ?
Rails 6 comes with github.com/fxn/zeitwerk by default which should auto require (as well as hot reload)
Wondering if this could help?


Hey Adrien! I was able to verify that yes require worked for a file and auto reloading worked. If you put it in the app folder though. Inside the lib folder you first need to add the lib folder to the load paths.

Once you do that, from any controller I was able to verify that my custom code was automatically loaded (class was available, without a call to require) and reloaded on change.

But, as for Devise and OmniAuth, it would not detect my strategy by default. Thus I had to add a require call at the top of config/initializers/devise.rb and even doing so it would never reload. I believe Devise and OmniAuth are doing some weird magic to auto detect the strategy and also maybe cache it no matter what...

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