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Discussion on: Loading a directory as a tree structure in Node

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Adrián UB

Good article

Can you clarify how we can add a parameter to only search a specific number of subfolders?

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Rafael Nunes Author


Do you mean a limited number of subfolders as in the depth, on how deep you go down in the folder structure?
Or is it more like the total number of subfolders explored?

I believe for both ways we would need to work in our code to solve this problem.

The file system methods like readdirSync do not accept a limit number as far as I know. So to implement it we could probably define a constant called LIMIT and keep track of the depth of subfolders or the count of subfolders depending on your case.

        const isDirectory = fs.statSync(childNode.path).isDirectory();
        const isUnderLimit = depth <= LIMIT;

        if (isDirectory && isUnderLimit) {
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It could be something like the code above to prevent adding more nodes after a certain threshold. Of course, we would need to increment the depth or count every time we explore a new subfolder.

I hope that helps 😄