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14 Developers to Follow on Twitter

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Here are 14 Developers I personally follow on Twitter that have daily content for all things related to learning how to code, improving as a programmer, staying inspired, and much more. Many of these have great positive messages as well as their own blogs where they teach others both the fundamentals of development as well as more interesting concepts. (and yes, I hand-drew all those images :)

Youtube: Developers to Follow on Twitter

1. Flavio Copes


Flavio has a very popular blog site with millions of views and daily articles. More recently he started a youtube channel talking about freelancing, blogging and more.

2. Catalin Pit


How to learn programming and front end, staying motivated and inspired, and helping teach the community that anyone can become a developer

3. Florin Pop


Starting out as a developer, with great series for freeCodeCamp, learning the basics of HTML, CSS and JS, and relatable content on what's it's like programming.

4. Danny Thompson


Inspiring people to learn development, with great information on how to get started, why to get started, and more. Very motivating with personal stories on what made him start learning.

5. Marc Backes


A full stack developer with a background in freelancing, has great information on development, and even series on getting started with things like Vue.

6. Cyris Cloete


Full stack developer building amazing technologies using front-end back end technologies with everything from HTML, CSS, JavaScript, NodeJS and much more.

7. Francesco Ciulla


The amazing developer of JavaScript, Docker, working with satellites and that were launched by NASA worth millions. Shares good information on what's worth learning and about the field.

8. Kyle Prinsloo


I help other web developers + designers become freelancers, with a great freelancing podcast and products on how to get started.

9. Niall Maher


Web developer and mentor from Dublin Ireland. Has a youtube channel that teaches others on development with great content called the Codu Community

10. codeSTACKr


Tutorials on learning how to get started on your development journey. All things HTML, CSS, JS and more.

11. Kethmar Salumets


Developer Habits by Kethmar is a journey of how to get started in development and what we can do to stay positive and do well. He has walkthroughs on designing and developing, and interviews with developers too!

12. Emma Bostian


American Software Engineer in Germany who currently works at LogMeIn and is moving to Spotify soon. She has great content, is writing a book and has a podcast @ladybugpodcast

13. Telmo


A full stack developer who shares content about their journey in development and things we all go through, with a great blog on their entry into development, experiences, and tutorials too!

14. Ben Awad


Software Consultant Youtuber who has a channel with nearly 90k subscribers and a startup recipe application called mysaffronapp. Understands developers and posts things we can all understand and learn.

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Thank Adrian!!!! Great List!


The lack of diversity on this list is astounding 🙄


Just followed Danny,. His stuff has been so hot lately that everything ends up in my feed without following. Dude is on 🔥


Thanks again for including me in this list, Adrian, I really appreciate it 🙌


Was looking out for this just yesterday. Thanks a ton! Followed them all!


Guys, Brad Traversy is also a go.


Awesome list 🔥. I follow most of them and your cover image is so cool too!