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List of DevOps/SRe Conferences in 2020

Adriano Canofre
・1 min read

Hi everyone, I compiled some conferences in 2020. Please add suggestion... Open a PR.


This is a list of upcoming DevOps/SRE related conferences. If you know of any other ones that haven't been listed yet, fork this repository and create a new PR.


Name Date WebSite Location
QCon London Mar 2-6 Qcon London London, UK
Google Cloud Next Apr 6-8 Google Cloud Next San Francisco, CA, USA
DevOpsCon London Apr 21-24 DevOpsCon London London, UK
Red Hat Summit Apr 27-29 Red Hat Summit San Francisco, USA
QCon SP May 04-06 QCon SP Sâo Paulo, BR
GrafanaCon May 13-14 GrafanaCon Amsterdam, NL
Continuous LifeCycle May 13-15 Continuous LifeCycle London, UK
SREcon Americas West Jun 2-4 SREcon AW Santa Clara, CA, USA
DevOpsCon Berlin Jun 8-11 DevOpsCon Berlin Berlin, Germany
HashiConf EU Jun 8-10 HashiConf Amsterdam, NL
Monitorama Jun 8-10 Monitorama Portland, OR, USA
SREcon Asia Pacific Jun 15-17 SREcon AP Sydney, Australia
DockerCon Jun 15-18 DockerCon Austin, Texas, USA
PromCon Jul 16-17

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Marouen Helali

Thanks for sharing!