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Use AdonisJS 6 Alpha today

Note: Before we start. The Alpha release is available for sponsors only. You can learn more about the sponsorship program here.

Recently, we outlined in an article what to expect from our new major version, i.e., AdonisJS v6. We have received a lot of positive feedback on that article, and there is excitement in the community to use v6 as early as possible.

Therefore, we are announcing the Alpha release of AdonisJS v6 today. The Alpha release will provide you access to the following resources.

  • Updated documentation
  • Onboarding screencasts
  • Access to our internal project management dashboard
  • And the opportunity to join the monthly conference calls

Since we want to work closely with a small group during the Alpha phase, you have to be a sponsor of Harminder Virk (the creator of the framework) before you can access it.

Let us assure you, AdonisJS is NOT becoming a paid framework. We will always live up to the ethos of open source and ensure stable releases are available publicly. However, at the same time, we want to work closely with individuals who deeply care for the framework and have been supporting us in this journey.

Sponsoring us brings you many benefits and helps ensure the framework's longevity.


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