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New ElxPro course!

ElxPro is an immersive online training program designed for individuals who are eager to master the Elixir language through hands-on experience. The program is rigorous and demanding, ensuring that participants receive comprehensive training. ElxPro was created by Gustavo Oliveira, who has plenty of experience as an Elixir developer.

This course is fully in English. His course in Portuguese is a success here in Brazil

If you use my affiliate link, you can help support my projects, such as Elixir em Foco and the Elixir, Erlang and the BEAM with Adolfo Neto YouTube channel.

There's currently a limited-time special promotion (until March 31st) for the course, which includes a bonus Q&A session about career development and securing employment as an Elixir developer.

This is the link

PS: I have used ChatGPT three for writing this post.

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