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re: Hi, Once I deploy this, I'm able to load the front page, but all the next resources (*.js) come back as 403, any idea why? Thanks for your help,

Can you try cloning the repo and deploying it? If that works, there has to be a strange issue somewhere in your code. Compare your project to the cloned repo. Hopefully, that'll help you out. :)


It doesn't work when I clone it from the repo either. The only thing I've changed were the values in secret.json

On local routes work fine, except for the dynamic "_breed" route. It results in 404 Not Found.

On deploying to AWS all routes result in message: "Internal server error" ... you can check it out at ecom.ideamappers.com


That does not work. It gives and internal server error as soon as you try using app.render.


Hi - this doesn't work.

The only route that does work (without defining a specific route definition in server.js) is index.js.

Any other pages under /pages fails to render with a 404, although, they do work fine in local environment.

Perhaps there's some other settings that aren't listed in this article?

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