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A young programmer from Iran, I'm Adnan Babakan

Adnan Babakan (he/him)
I'm Adnan Babakan and I'm from Iran. I started programming since I was 8 and now I'm 20. I love programming!
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Hi community!
This is my first post in DEV and I'm excited about telling you about myself.
In the time I'm writing this post I think I have no followers (for sure) but hope someone sees my post someday and I would have some comments under it.
Anyways let's get started!

Let's begin

Let's do as he says!

Who am I and how did I become a programmer?

My name is Adnan Babakan, I'm 19 and I'm from Iran (a country in middle east) and my city is called Tabriz.

Living in Iran might sound strange but it isn't anything close to what you hear from the news outside especially news from the USA channels like CNN. Are there problems? Yes a lot but not as you might think. I play a lot of games especially online games like Overwatch and Rainbow Six Siege and I encounter lots of people from around the world speaking thousands of languages but fortunately I can speak English and sometimes they also can and most frequently asked question is that aren't you scared? My immediate answer is what the frick? What should I be scared of? And the response to that is WAR!!!! Let's clear this for ever there is no war in Iran, absolutely no war. Actually Iran is a pretty safe country.

Anyways, I'm a computer engineering student in the University of Tabriz and sometimes it feels really bad, why? because everything they are trying to teach me in the programming subject I already know them since I'm a self-taughtt programmer and I feel board in the class but anyways I have to pass these classes anyways (I know I used anyways a lot, but anyways).

I learnt HTML/CSS as my first programming languages when I was 8, LETS STOP HERE BEFORE YOU JUDGE ME, I know these aren't programming languages but I was 8 by then so didn't know what a programming language is.

It was awesome to learn these brothers but I needed more and that more happened to be PHP for my first real programming language.

An advice: Do not learn PHP as your first programming language since you are going to struggle learning others due to PHP's spaghetti problem.

PHP Meme

I'm a PHP programmer myself so don't get mad at me and let's accept other programming languages like JavaScript and Python are way better organized than PHP.

These three languages were my mates for a year or two then I started to get the feel that I need JavaScript. I hated it by then but I had to learn it, there was no other languages for client side so this was me:

Inner me: Adnan?
Me: Yes?
Inner me: JavaScri...
Me: Shut up!!!!
Inner me: OK but at least try it for once.
Me: No, absolutely not it is nothing like PHP.
Inner me: But...
Me: No way!
inner me: OK :|
(a few weeks later)
Me: Hmmm... JavaScript seems interesting.
Inner me: Finally this guy made some sense.

So that's why I told you never start programming by PHP. After these scenarios I started learning jQuery on I assure you jQuery was one of the best ways of starting to learn JavaScript by then.

After learning jQuery I was almost shocked by the power JavaScript has then started to learn Vanilla JavaScript (a fancy name which is given to plain JavaScript with no libraries included in case you didn't know it) and after few years that I was writing simple programs I got introduced to Node.JS and that was the beginning of a great journey to a big community that is absolutely lovely.

Oh, I forgot about SQL. SQL is the thing I loved the most after JavaScript. SQL is awesome and there is no doubt about it and if you want to be a Full-Stack developer you must learn it and never listen to those who say "YOU DON'T NEED SQL YOU WILL USE FRAMEWORKS AND THEY HAVE ORMS". You will absolutely need SQL even in a higher level program.

SQL Meme

If you are a data, I will query and find you.

After learning the syntax of these languages and after learning that every language is worth trying at least one I started working on Python and Ruby for a few weeks and I can tell you that these languages are awesome but unfortunately never had the chance to really work on these since I am very comfortable with JavaScript and never dared to bring my main projects on these two and that's absolutely my problem and not these guys'.

What do I do for living?

I'm student at university but I make web apps a lot and that's how I make some money nothing more.

What about other hobbies?

OK this is a very interesting question. Let's say since I'm a computer guy I love almost everything that is distributed digitally (LOL) especially video games, movies and musics. What kind of music do I listen to? Every kind that makes me feel better in any way.

Except for these I love learning, and learning languages on top of all of them. Languages can be both programming languages and human languages.

I know almost 5 languages and don't think I will ever cease to continue.

Let's start by my mother tongue. Although Iran's official language is Persian (AKA Farsi) but the city I'm living in is the main place of a language called Turki which is almost like Turkish from the country Turkey.

This is how it looks with Persian script: سلام نجورسوز؟ And this is the romanized one: Salam, Najursuz? Which means: Hi, How are you (plural)?

My romanization isn't standard actually but you can read it at least.

It might sound strange but it actually makes sense believe me.

Let me introduce Persian/Farsi to you. So the first question might come in your mind is that why does this language have two names? The answer is that it is actually called Farsi or Parsi (These are almost the same and there are lots of talks about which is the main one) but English language calls it Persian.

So let's have an example of this language: سلام من دارم اولین پست وبلاگم رو مینویسم. And the romanized one: Salam, man daram avvalin post-e veblagam ro minevisam. Which means means: Hi I'm writing my first weblog post.

So these two are the languages I learnt as soon as I was born, OK not as soon as that but pretty quickly.

My sister used to watch a lot of Turkish series and since it is close to my mother tongue I adopted it pretty quickly. An example of course is: Merhaba, bu benim ilk gönderim. Which doesn't need romanization but the meaning is: Hi, This is my first post.

Then I started to learn English when I was 12 or something and after a few years I was able to listen, speak, write and read and do what I need in English.

These are the 4 languages I know and the 5th one is actually pretty cool and I love it so much which is Spanish or Español. How I learnt it? By using Duolingo.

No se si esto es correcto pero quiero decirles que esta es mi primera publicación.

You can translate that yourself by using Google Translate or something.

So that's me.
Let me know if there are any questions regarding my path or anything else I would be happy answer all of them.

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azeem115 profile image
Azeem Abbas

Hey there Adnan! Greetings from Karachi, Pakistan

Great to hear from you! Wishing you the best in your career and life.

Since you started from PHP, have you worked on any of the open-sourced PHP CMSs like WordPress and Drupal?

adnanbabakan profile image
Adnan Babakan (he/him) Author

I've designed some themes for WordPress which are asked by my clients. Had not the chance to work with Drupal yet I really want to learn it.

ali_gh profile image
Ali GreenHeart • Edited

Agha Selam, isme man Aliye. az didanat khoshhal shodam.
hello, these are a few sentences which i know in Persian. I am 19 y/o Azerbaijani guy,from Baku. I am programmer too. But i am new to programming (but not computer science). I have a few abilities too. It would be nice to be familiar with you)). BTW, I learnt Js and html,css too. But, now i am .NET developer through C#. But, I am learning C,Python too. So, my album is full of with prog/lang, hehe.
Anyways, there are a lot of words for telling programmer guys especially Iranian guys in my heart. I love all of you)))

adnanbabakan profile image
Adnan Babakan (he/him) Author

Salam Ali. Sizinlə də görüşmək çox xoşdur. Mən Təbrizdənəm və azərbaycan dilini də bilirəm XD.
I hope you have a great journey in the programming world.
Ask me anything and I will help you gladly.

ali_gh profile image
Ali GreenHeart

Haha,mutechekkirem agha. I hope it will be nice to give a reply in azerbaijani:
Mən araşdırdım, İranda Java, C,C++ və C`sharp (C#) məşhurdur.
So, I become very happy, cause i am learning c# now.
Thanks for good wishes. I am glad to be familiar with you))

Thread Thread
adnanbabakan profile image
Adnan Babakan (he/him) Author

Yes these are famous in Iran but nowadays you better work more on JavaScript and C# as your main languages. Then move to C/C++ and TypeScript.

Thread Thread
ali_gh profile image
Ali GreenHeart

So, cute. Thanks Khudavanda-Mutaal I am learning both of them)

marlonx19 profile image
Marlon Englemam

Great post! I hope you keep writing here. I am from Brazil and our life backgrounds and cultures are so differents!
I am sure that you're used to hearing a lot of stereotyped questions when you tell people where you live because that's exactly what happens to me when I say I am from Brazil

adnanbabakan profile image
Adnan Babakan (he/him) Author

Hi Marlon
Thanks for your comment
Something interesting I want to share with you since you are from Brazil, when I was a kid if I was asked to write about a country but my country I always used to write about Brazil. I had no reason but I loved it. LOL

marlonx19 profile image
Marlon Englemam

Haha well, I think Brazil is a country that has both bad and good stereotypes and a lot of people fantasize about it based on either of these.

ryandaghost profile image
Ryan The Ghost • Edited

I started from PHP, and i was just like you. I always told myself PHP is great, but i left it behind. I hate jquery, php, every single js framework(angular, react all those stupid stuff), I rlly hate every framework in the world excluding C++, C# Frameworks.

Edit: I forgot to say but Wordpress and every CMS ist stupid

adnanbabakan profile image
Adnan Babakan (he/him) Author

Hahaha. Nice to hear your story! XD

behnambm profile image

Yashasin Azarbayjan

as profile image
Amir Salehi

Best wishes to you Adnan. 😊

adnanbabakan profile image
Adnan Babakan (he/him) Author • Edited

Thanks, Amir
I wish you the best as well

afshinazari profile image

Hi adnan,

My name is afshin. I live in us and I was wondering if you could help me with some coding, with some website stuff. Do you know how to do these things!
How can we talk other then here?

adnanbabakan profile image
Adnan Babakan (he/him) Author

Thanks for your comment Afshin.
Check your messages!