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Oh my goodness! I had the same thought!

I had the idea of sharing songs from uncommon countries. So I did. Now I have hundreds of songs lying around on social media posts to be listed or organized in some way. I am big fan of FLOSS, so I wanted anything FLOSS + which should last for a long time, even if I don't get to maintain it.

So I chose GitLab Pages. GitLab is open source and a popular option that should be there for a long time. Plus, I get to make my site open for anyone to fork and make their own playlist if they want to. So I made a site with it's source code available here.

I have a CSV file which I add every song to it. It gets read and the playlist is played automatically when someone goes to the playlist, like this. It even has sub playlists based genres and listening habits, everything done in pure HTML-CSS-JS!

Currently it is Bengali language, but I am planning to localize it.



I also read this recently on the subject: jeffhuang.com/designed_to_last/


I read at a glance and seems like a great guideline to follow. Thanks. Will read later.

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