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Azia Dashboard - Free Admin Panel available in React, Angular, and Bootstrap


This article presents a free, open-source admin panel - Azia Dashboard, provided by BootstrapDash in many tech flavors: React, Angular and Bootstrap. Azia Admin is a free responsive admin template with all the components neatly and carefully designed and arranged within the template. It is an excellent fit to build admin panels, e-commerce systems, project management systems, CMS, or CRM.

Article initially published on Admin (open-source project) - Azia Dashboard - Free Resources

Products mentioned in this article can be downloaded directly from Github (no account required) and based on the permissive license, sources can be used for unlimited hobby & commercial projects. For support please contact the UI Vendor.

Azia Dashboard Links

Azia Dashboard - Free responsive admin template crafted by BootstrapDash.

Azia Dashboard - Bootstrap4

The bootstrap version can be downloaded directly from Github and build locally if your workstation has Nodejs and Gulp installed.

Install Gulp globally

$ npm install gulp -g

Once the gulp is installed, we can clone the sources from the public repository and compile the HTML files.

$ # Clone sources
$ git clone
$ cd Azia-Admin-Bootstrap-Template
$ # Install modules
$ yarn
$ # See the template
$ gulp serve

Gulp tasks available in gulpfile.js:

  • sass-css - translate the SCSS to css
  • minify-css - minify the css
  • npm-lib - copy the dependencies from node_modules directory to lib
  • serve - preview the changes in the browser with auto-reload

Azia Dashboard Bootstrap - Screens

Main Dashboard Screen

Azia Dashboard - Bootstrap version, main dashboard screen.

Icons Page

Azia Dashboard - Bootstrap version, icons page.

Charts Page

Azia Dashboard - Bootstrap version, charts page.

Azia Dashboard - React

Azia Admin React is yet another incredible admin template from BootstrapDash that is based on the Bootstrap framework. The template is tastefully designed and coded to perfection. Azia Admin React comes packed with a lot of bootstrap components, UI elements, and built-in sample pages to kick-start your project.
The template is highly customizable so that you can alter the design to suit your needs and give it a unique look and very well-documented to help you get started without any issues. The template has a colorful, attractive yet simple and elegant design.
Although the template has a design like none other, it is easily customizable to suit your requirements. Azia Admin comes with a clean and well-commented code that makes it easy to work with the template. Thus making it an ideal pick for jump-starting your project.

Build the code

$ # Clone sources
$ git clone
$ cd Azia-Admin-React/template
$ # Install Modules
$ yarn
$ # Install Modules
$ yarn start

The React version of Azia Dashboard will run on port 3000. The design is identical to the Bootstrap version.

Azia Dashboard - React Version, the charts page.

Azia Dashboard - Angular

The Angular version used Angular CLI version 7.2.1 and can be downloaded directly from Github or built with a few commands without leaving this page.

$ # Clone sources
$ git clone
$ cd Azia-Angular/template/demo_1
$ # Install Modules
$ yarn
$ # Install Modules
$ yarn start

The design can be visited on port 4200. We should see something similar to this:

Azia Dashboard - Angular version, animated presentation.

For more information regarding this modern UI Kit feel free to visit the UI Vendor website:

Thank you!

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