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Argon Dashboard Laravel - Free Product


This article presents an open-source Laravel Starter crafted and released for free by Creative-Tim. Laravel Argon Dashboard can be downloaded from Github without a registration lock and used for commercial products or simply for eLearning activities. For newcomers, Laravel is a leading framework powered by PHP and many open-source enthusiasts across the globe.

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Argon Dashboard is built with over 100 individual components, giving you the freedom of choosing and combining.

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Laravel Argon Dashboard - User Profile Page

Argon is a completely new product built on our newest re-built from scratch framework structure that is meant to make our products more intuitive, more adaptive, and, needless to say, so much easier to customize

Laravel Argon Dashboard - Maps Page

This Dashboard is coming with pre-built examples, so the development process is seamless, switching from our pages to the real website is very easy to be done. Every element has multiple states for colors, styles, hover, focus, that you can easily access and use.

Laravel Argon Dashboard - Data Tables

Laravel Argon Dashboard - Sign IN Page

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