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First internship as a Flutter Developer

I had only recently followed the company. It was an ed-tech startup. In a day or two, the co-founder put out a post mentioning that they were hiring for multiple roles. And, one of the roles was that of a Flutter Developer.

I had never interned before. I hadn't even completed the course that I had taken up on Flutter. My knowledge was limited to the front end and in that too, I could only make simple designs. I was just getting started.

The thought that it might be too early to apply kept echoing in my head. Two things could happen, I could be rejected bad, maybe even insulted but at the same time, there was a chance that they select me and I get to test out my skills, learn and level up. Thank god it was the latter!

I commented like a devoted LinkedIn user, 'INTERESTED' under the post. Two days later, I was on a call with the co-founder. They even had me talk to the guy managing their app, who was to be my coordinator later. The guy told me how the co-founder had loved my profile although he in his heart knew, I had very limited knowledge of Flutter.

It is important to point, I had optimized my profile with whatever little I could. Since I was only at the start of my second year then, I had highlighted my experience from the school itself. Not particularly in Flutter but in soft skills like leadership, communication, etc.

I had also put up a video demonstration of two projects that I had done then. One was a simple portfolio app (with an avatar image and my name under it) and the second was a dice app. Both really really basic but anyway got me the offer letter in a week.

The offer was unpaid. It was originally a 2-month internship, but I knew I wouldn't do something for so long for free. I had also spoken to my friends who had previously worked as interns in different sectors. The experience of a technical internship that I needed could be done in a month. I negotiated the same with the employer and shortened the period down to a month.

However much I may say such internships are bad, the first ever that I did was unpaid. I believe I lacked experience and guidance back then. Today, I am at a place with multiple offers and ongoing projects. I have tried to help Flutter developers I know with offers and also built up a community to guide anyone who is just getting started.

We are around a 150 developer community on Discord, that you can join in using the link.

I post internships that I come across, resources to learn Flutter, Data Science, Python, etc from, offers, upgrades, and more! Thank you for reading :)

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