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At first, after hearing the vibes about the newly arrived framework by Google (i.e. Flutter) I ignored; but gradually after seeing the market demand of this dynamic framework I got fascinated to it and here I am with the journey of learning flutter. Just a idea clicked and I thought why not share some experience on Dev.to so as to help the community. Below Given is my way starting the journey.

Steps At Beginning

==> Starting with flutter requires a knowledge of DART programming language (as we require java/kotlin for android).
==>Make sure you enroll yourself for any free/paid course for Beginning.
A good start with proper direction encourages you while a starting from any concept in any direction will leave you Jumbled.
==> Once your done with the above 2 steps, you are ready to dive into cross-platform app development area.

I would like to suggest a that if you are with a 4GB Ram laptop with intel core i3 processor please do not go with android studio(it took me about 45 minutes to run the emulator on this device). Its my personal advice to install visual studio code and work with the emulator of Android studio although it may still lead to lagging of the system but better than before or else I would suggest you to connect your phone to system with developer mode enabled it would be the best alternate for emulator.

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