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Some Not-So-Known Features in HTML

Hi,We all pretend that we know HTML very well but there are something always there to learn more about it Alt Text
-->It lets you edit the content of the element inside the browser just by clicking on the content.

Alt Text
-->Yes,you read that right you can hide html elements without the help of cssby using the hidden attribute.It works more like CSS:- "display :none "
i.e it takes no space.
Alt Text

-->Now, coming on to my favourite this is one of the best thing i have ever known in HTML.
-With the help of this meta code you would be able to refresh your webpage every 'X' seconds whatever you mention inside the content attribute.
Alt Text
Thanks for reading!
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Shannon Crabill

Hey! It looks like you may be missing the code/tutorial for the hide with HTML element.

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Aditya Sharan

Yes,surely gonna make it right
thanks for pointing it out.