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Aditya Sharan
Aditya Sharan

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[DON'T STAY BEHIND]Study these topics to see yourself becoming a confident Web devloper

Note:This is not a roadmap.It's just a list of topics which i feel people tend to forget after studying web development.So here are some topics which could read and refresh them on the weekend.

MUST know Browser Concepts:

  • History
  • Document
  • Location
  • Navigation
  • pageXOffset
  • Screen
  • Alert
  • Print
  • resizeBy and resizeTo

MUST know HTML Concepts:

  • Attributes
  • Base URI
  • nth-child
  • siblings
  • appending child
  • insert before and after
  • remove child

MUST know Javascript Concepts:

  • mouseover Vs mouseenter
  • keydown Vs keypress Vs keyup
  • double click
  • right click
  • debounce
  • throttle
  • prototypal inheritance
  • focus vs blur
  • drag and drop
  • try-catch-throw-finally
  • error types

MUST know TypeScript Concepts:

  • Class Inheritance
  • Interfaces
  • Enums
  • Type Assertions
  • Generics
  • Intersection Types

You can google out the topics mentioned above and get the resouces to read and watch.All the best
Happy Learning!!
Would be glad to know about the topics that you think should get added onto any of these list.
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kwiat1990 profile image
Mateusz Kwiatkowski • Edited

For me is the whole list somehow wrong. I mean there are some core concepts and then suddenly we hit Typescript section, although there is absolutely nothing about how to make an API call ;) For me personally "drag and drop" was never needed and I don't consider it as a core feature which I should know or learn. If that change, then it'll be easy to learn it.

I wouldn't consider many things from the list as "confidence booster" because they are rather basic and I assume such things won't be asked during a recruiting process. From a perspective of a company, which has small to enterprise projects, there are other topics which are way more important and what's on the list can be learned rather quickly but ;)

jamesthomson profile image
James Thomson

I have to agree, the list is quite random and missing structure. If I were to point a new web dev to a helpful resource to guide them on their journey it would be

adityasharan01 profile image
Aditya Sharan

Yes I completely agree with you.What i am assuming if people are reading this they might not be a beginner although there are few more important stuffs as well such as API,map,filter,reduce,spread and rest operator,object destructuring,closures,event loop,event delegation,call,bind,apply.I m still learning all this and will try to put detailed blogs about all the individual topics listed above.

adityasharan01 profile image
Aditya Sharan

For SQL tips you can read out this blog

phantas0s profile image
Matthieu Cneude

... that and everything else :D

Your list feels totally random to me. And if you're a backend developer?

adityasharan01 profile image
Aditya Sharan

No,I m a frontend developer only ..trying to learn stuffs !

adityasharan01 profile image
Aditya Sharan

You can checkout for CSS topics over this blog.