WhatsTer Bot - A multifunction bot that I built for the Twilio Hackathon

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Live at https://whatster.web.app

What does the bot do?

The bot has several interesting functionalities, such as -

  1. Email - It can send emails to any specified email id by the user.
    The emails can have an attachment too.

  2. Image recognition - The bot can recognize the contents of any image sent to it.

  3. Jokes - The bot doesn’t only do work, it also entertains you by sending a random dad joke, because as they say, ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy!”

  4. Login - You can log into your account from here. You can access your recent activity, and also view your saved message and media!

Link to Code

You can join the sandbox by clicking here or sending a WhatsApp message to: +1(415)523-8886, first text join decide-wish and then say hi!

Check out my code on GitHub here.

How I built the bot?

Login - For logging in, I created a web app for the login interface using ReactJS. The data is stored using MongoDB and for secure login, an OTP is generated, also through MongoDB.

Email - It uses 'nodemailer' service by Sengrid.

Image recognition - The bot can recognize the contents of any image sent to it, using the Clarifai API.

Jokes - This uses the icanhazdadjoke service.


This project of mine falls into the Intersting Integrations category for this hackathon. It was a lot of fun creating this project, I hope you would enjoy using my WhatsApp bot, WhatsTer too!

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Can't stop innovating!


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On first glance at least it looks good.


Can I edit this post to make a few changes like explaining the setup and the working?

Hey Aditya, we started the judging process and will announce the winners on Tuesday. It would be great if you could hold off from updating the submission or the code until then.