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Missing HashiConf: An Emotional Journey Through the World of HashiCorp


As an avid follower of HashiCorp's innovative solutions and a proud HashiCorp Ambassador, I was thrilled to be invited to the global HashiConf conference for the second time. It's an event that brings together some of the brightest minds in the field of infrastructure automation and cloud provisioning. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen visa issues, I won't be able to attend HashiConf in person this year. But, as they say, every cloud has a silver lining.

In this heartfelt post, I'd like to share my thoughts on some of the best sessions I would have eagerly attended at HashiConf 2023. These sessions are a reflection of my personal interests and the topics I find most intriguing in the world of HashiCorp's tools and technologies. Additionally, I'll explore the significance of HashiConf in the tech world and its impact on professionals and the industry as a whole.

HashiConf: A Gathering of the Brightest Minds

HashiConf is not just another tech conference; it's an annual gathering of the brightest minds in the world of infrastructure automation, cloud provisioning, and DevOps. For attendees, it's a golden opportunity to immerse themselves in a sea of knowledge, gain insights from experts, and connect with like-minded professionals. But beyond that, HashiConf serves as a testament to the remarkable journey of HashiCorp and its ecosystem.

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HashiCorp's Remarkable Journey

HashiCorp's suite of open-source tools, including Terraform, Vault, Consul, and Nomad, has revolutionized how organizations manage their infrastructure. From enabling multi-cloud orchestration to enhancing security and secrets management, HashiCorp's tools have left an indelible mark on the tech landscape.

HashiConf: A Celebration of Innovation

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HashiConf is the platform where the HashiCorp community comes together to celebrate innovation. It's not just about showcasing the latest features and updates; it's about sharing experiences, learning from challenges, and collectively shaping the future of infrastructure automation. The conference embodies the spirit of collaboration and knowledge-sharing that is at the heart of HashiCorp's success.

Sessions That Caught My Eye

Note: These sessions are based on my personal preference and interest.

  1. Session: Terraform Cloud Self-Service Provisioning with AWS Service Catalog

Session Link: Terraform Cloud Self-Service Provisioning with AWS Service Catalog

Speaker: Arnaud Coulondre, AWS & Taylor Brooks, HashiCorp

Description: Explore the transformative capabilities of Terraform Cloud and AWS Service Catalog in this enlightening session. Learn how to effortlessly create, govern, and manage a catalog of pre-approved Terraform configurations, enhancing your organization's provisioning process. Dive into the realm of least privilege access and tag governance to ensure secure and efficient provisioning. Witness the power of self-service provisioning in a multi-account environment through the AWS Service Catalog hub-and-spoke model. Discover how you can streamline workflows for end users, allowing them to easily discover and provision AWS resources.

  1. Session: Test Your Terraform Configuration

Session Link: Test Your Terraform Configuration

Speaker: Brian McClain, HashiCorp

Description: This session puts the spotlight on the crucial practice of testing infrastructure as code. With the introduction of Terraform 1.6's "terraform test" command, you can now write unit and integration tests for your configuration and validate it before deploying infrastructure. Join our Learn Lab to get hands-on experience in writing tests using the new test file syntax. Discover how Terraform empowers you to develop a robust testing strategy, including check blocks, preconditions, postconditions, and tests, ensuring the reliability and stability of your infrastructure deployments.

  1. Session: Void's Global Polyglot Fleet: Gradual Adoption of Nomad

Session Link: Void's Global Polyglot Fleet: Gradual Adoption of Nomad

Speaker: Michael Aldridge, Void Linux

Description: In this session, we delve into the significance of multi-cloud deployment and how Nomad simplifies this complex landscape. We explore Void's journey, highlighting the gradual adoption of Nomad and the valuable insights gained throughout the process. Despite the challenges, Nomad proves to be a game-changer, offering a unified service plane across various clouds.

  1. Session: Launching an Airline into the Cloud

Session Link: Launching an Airline into the Cloud

Speaker: Rob Lazzurs, Amach

Description: This session sheds light on the remarkable journey of a prominent European airline as they embark on a transformative voyage into the cloud. We delve into their history and their initial steps into cloud computing. Additionally, we explore the pivotal role played by HashiCorp tools in enhancing their cloud management. Witness the airline's evolution from reliance on a primary cloud provider to embracing a multi-cloud strategy, significantly advancing their digital transformation endeavors.

  1. Session: Cooking with Nomad: Powering the Fortnite Creator Ecosystem

Session Link: Cooking with Nomad: Powering the Fortnite Creator Ecosystem

Speaker: Paul Sharpe, Epic Games

Description: Embark on a thrilling journey into the world of game development, powered by Nomad, in this captivating session. Discover how Epic Games leverages Nomad to achieve reliable and secure conversion of creator content into immersive games and experiences within Fortnite Creative 2.0 (UEFN). Delve into the intricacies of handling untrusted, user-generated content and harnessing the Unreal Engine, all running seamlessly in the cloud. Witness the magic of live-loading assets into a running UEFN session, with Nomad orchestrating tens of thousands of concurrent cooks. Uncover the role of Nomad in shaping the future metaverse and revolutionizing game development.

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Sessions for Newbies and Beginners

For those new to HashiCorp's ecosystem, here are a few must-attend sessions that offer valuable insights:

  1. Session: Opening Keynote

Session Link: Opening Keynote

Description: If you're new to the HashiCorp ecosystem, the Opening Keynote by Armon Dadgar, Co-Founder and CTO of HashiCorp, is an essential starting point. This session promises to provide an inspiring introduction to HashiCorp's world of infrastructure automation. Armon will share insights into the company's vision and the transformative potential of its products, making this a must-attend for beginners and seasoned enthusiasts alike.

  1. Session: Day 2 Keynote

Session Link: Day 2 Keynote

Description: Day 2 of HashiConf begins with another insightful keynote by Armon Dadgar, HashiCorp's Co-Founder and CTO. If you're just getting started with HashiCorp's tools, this session offers a fantastic opportunity to stay updated on the latest trends and announcements within the ecosystem. Join us for a journey into the heart of HashiCorp's innovations and future prospects.

  1. Session: Terraform and Packer Roadmap

Session Link: Terraform and Packer Roadmap

Speaker: Harold Giménez, HashiCorp

Description: For newcomers exploring HashiCorp's offerings, this session, hosted by Harold Giménez, is a valuable resource. Discover the roadmap for Terraform and Packer, gaining insights into their latest features and capabilities. This session provides a clear path to navigate the evolving Terraform and Packer landscape, making it an excellent choice for those new to these tools.

  1. Session: Vault and Boundary Futures: The Roadmap Ahead

Session Link: Vault and Boundary Futures: The Roadmap Ahead

Speakers: James Bayer, HashiCorp & Pete Pacent, HashiCorp

Description: If you're a newbie looking to understand HashiCorp's security solutions, join James Bayer and Pete Pacent from HashiCorp in this informative session. Explore the future of Vault, BluBracket, and Boundary as they unveil the roadmaps for these security products. This session offers beginners a roadmap to the exciting developments in HashiCorp's security offerings, making it a valuable addition to your conference experience.

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Epic Happenings at HashiConf 2023

HashiConf 2023 promises to be an event like no other, with some epic surprises and opportunities for attendees:

  • Special Discount Code: If you haven't signed up for HashiConf yet, you can use the special discount code HCSPECIAL599 to register for only $599. This is a fantastic offer that makes HashiConf even more accessible to tech enthusiasts.
  • Free Associate-level HashiCorp Exams: Sign up to take a free Associate-level HashiCorp Terraform, Vault, or Consul exam at HashiConf in San Francisco. It's an excellent chance to validate your skills and boost your credentials. Book your pass today: Exam Registration Link.
  • A Diverse Range of Sessions: HashiConf 2023 offers a diverse range of sessions, Learn labs, and hallway tracks. No matter your area of interest or expertise, you're sure to find sessions that resonate with you and expand your horizons.
  • On-Site Certification Testing: If you're looking to earn HashiCorp certifications, the on-site certification testing at HashiConf provides a convenient opportunity to do so. It's a chance to prove your expertise in Terraform, Vault, Consul, and more.

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The Impact of HashiConf on the Industry

HashiConf is not just an event; it's a catalyst for change in the tech industry. The insights and knowledge shared at the conference ripple outwards, influencing organizations, teams, and individuals. Here are some key ways in which HashiConf has a lasting impact:

  1. Knowledge Transfer: HashiConf serves as a knowledge transfer hub, where the latest advancements in infrastructure automation are shared. Professionals return to their organizations armed with fresh insights that drive innovation.
  2. Networking: The conference provides a unique opportunity for networking with experts, peers, and potential collaborators. Connections made at HashiConf often result in future collaborations that shape the industry.
  3. Productivity Boost: Attendees gain valuable skills and techniques that enhance their productivity. Whether it's mastering Terraform or improving security practices with Vault, the skills acquired at HashiConf translate into tangible benefits for organizations.
  4. Industry Trends: HashiConf often serves as a barometer for industry trends. New features and announcements made at the conference signal the direction in which the tech industry is headed.

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While it pains me to miss out on HashiConf 2023, I am grateful for the opportunity to explore these captivating sessions, even if it's from afar. HashiCorp continues to push the boundaries of infrastructure automation, and I'm excited to see how these sessions will shape the future of the industry.

To all my fellow HashiCorp enthusiasts attending HashiConf, soak up the knowledge, network with like-minded professionals, and enjoy every moment. I'll be eagerly awaiting your insights and takeaways. Until next time, happy HashiConf!

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