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Introducing an innovative New Model File System

MODLR, an innovative leader in Corporate Performance Management software, will be introducing a series of updates to its Cloud Platform for release in 2021’s Q1. These updates were showcased this month during the live MODLR user group, watch it here.

Included in the updates, is the New Model File System, which provides MODLR’s users with greater flexibility to organise their models and store third-party files within the Corporate Performance Cloud itself.

The Model File System’s features include:

  • PDF, MS Excel and MS Word Uploads — The MODLR Model File System will provide users with the ability to upload PDFs and Microsoft Excel and Word Documents to a Model folder.
  • Create shortcuts to various model components — Speed up your planning processes further through creating your own shortcuts to model components; optimising your workflow.
  • Model File System available in MODLR’s Excel Add-in — The Model File System is accessible through MODLR’s Excel Add-In, allowing users to upload reports from MS Excel to store reports in MODLR.
  • Cloud View of MS Excel Reports — In the MODLR Gateway, the Model File System will enable users to open Excel Reports, giving users a web view of Excel Reports within the MODLR Cloud.
  • Publish an Excel Folder in MODLR — Users will have the ability to publish Excel folders to their MODLR application, enabling access to an Excel Folder’s processes, variables and more within MODLR.

To see more of the features in store for the MODLR Cloud’s 2021 Q1 update, you can watch MODLR’s Roadmap for 2021 here.

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