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Amazon HoneyCode - A Worthy No-Code App Builder?

Amazon through their Amazon Web Services (AWS) has a tool/software/application known as Amazon Honeycode (still in beta stages), which is a fully managed platform to develop mobile apps or web apps without code.

The platform offers a visual builder which can be accessed through Signing In. In the visual builder, the user can choose to import the data through CSV file into a plain workbook or use one of the pre-existing templates or completely start from scratch.

When selecting a pre-existing template in the visual builder, the data models, logic, and applications are pre-existing and ready-to-use out of the box as it is. With the underlying database data can be linked, changed, sorted to our preference and can also be filtered easily using the visual builder and the structure is similar to typical spreadsheets.

Moreover, the user can also add notifications, reminders, approvals and other actions as required through the visual builder.

You can find more about Amazon's honeycode platform Here

Amazon's Honeycode

But there are more platforms existing similar to this in the market like,

  1. DraftBit - Beta and Invite Based


  1. Appgyver


  1. Microsoft's Power Platform

Microsoft's Power Platform

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