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Conferences: Online or Offline?

Adi Polak
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Adron Hall

I still prefer offline, or IRL conferences. The hall track has and continues to be the most valuable part of any conference for me, albeit with anything I know many have different values they get from any conference. But in the sense of choosing one or the other, I think both have extremely important positives.

Maybe we get a new designator for online conferences, maybe we start calling the OnConfs and treat them entirely different since they are entirely different in experience and values.

Then utilize and work toward traditional conferences as the different entity those are?

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This is Pranav from VIT University, India.

We are organizing a Global Virtual AI Summit called MindHack! Summit from 10th October to 14th October

we would like to invite you as a speaker/panelist for the same.
It would be wonderful to have you onboard and inspire many students and enthusiasts.

you can find details:

Hoping to hear from you soon.
Event Head,

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Olivier Miossec

With Online conference you can get more first time speakers that may not want to submit sessions for offline
In the other hand, online conf doesn't offer the same socialisation as offline