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Challenge everything! new frameworks are great, it's fun, they aim to fix issues that exists in other frameworks and make our lives better.

However, community matters, scale matters and framework maturity matters.
These 3 points are key to understanding if the new framework should be tested in production.

Some questions we should ask:

  • Is this framework actually help us solve one or more of our business cases?
  • Does it solves a bottleneck that slows us down?
  • Do I have the right knowledge in the team?

There are lots more questions that we should ask ourself before breaking everything and moving into using something new and unknown.

I do encourage everyone to learn and play with new tech! it's fun, it's educating, it keeps us curious and open-minded.
Create personal projects, demos, write about your findings, open tickets to fix bugs and stay active!

As it seems, life long learners is the best attitude for working in tech.
Along with empathy 🤗.

Stay humble, stay curious!


This is an amazing response, I wholeheartedly agree with you. It's all about the balance between challenging current practices while healthily maintaining technical debt by tackling the 3 things you mentioned: community, scale, and maturity.

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