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Signing Up For GitHub

Signing up for a new GitHub account is simple; if you already have a GitHub account, you might be going to the next lesson, which is to explore GitHub Services in more detail. For Students, A GitHub Student Developer might be helpful; you can apply with your university email. For teachers, GitHub also provides a Special Toolkit.

Setup GitHub account

Joining GitHub is very easy. Firstly, go to GitHub SignUp Webpage and enter the unique GitHub username, email address, secure password, verify yourself, and click on create an account.
Check your email; you will receive an email from GitHub for the email verification.
You can skip personalization or provide the required details so that GitHub can personalize some features for you, like a Student Developer Pack or a Special Pack for Teachers.
Right now, click on the continue with free; I will let you know how you can apply for the GitHub student developer pack if you are a current student.
Hurray ✨ Now you are officially on GitHub.

Let's Discuss GitHub Pricing briefly.

GitHub pricing

GitHub has three pricing tiers, starting with free tier having unlimited private and public repositories, 2000 minutes/month for automation, which we will use during the course, as a GitHub Action tool and community support. In the Team pricing tier, we have code spaces, 3000 minutes/month for automation, and 2 GB of Packages storage. In the Enterprise tier, we have 50,000 automation minutes/month and 50 GB of Packages storage exclusively used for the prominent organization.
Students can avail GitHub student developer pack, which provides the Team tier to the students to collaborate efficiently. Next, I will explain how students can avail themselves GitHub student developer pack.

About GitHub Student Developer Pack

The GitHub Student pack is specially designed to avail themselves of domains, hosting, and learning resources free of cost. With the student developer pack, they can help themselves with the Team tier, through which they can benefit more advantages on the GitHub Platform.


In this lesson, we learn how to create your first GitHub account, about the different pricing tiers of GitHub and how students and teachers benefit from the GitHub programs. I hope you have your GitHub Account, so let us get started to explore more about GitHub in the next lesson.


If you have any question, please feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn.

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