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re: As long as JavaScript can still be used to abuse the user and their experience on the client-side, yes browsers should still allow JavaScript to be...

but does that come with the need of a version of web that just works without JS? now with the rise of all cool JS frameworks and paradigms things are much different than just losing small part of something when JS doesn't work, the whole site even doesn't render. so while it is upto user to disable their browser from executing JS but the site owner/developer should make sure they address those users.


Just for performance reasons, you shouldnt require Javascript for your side to load. If you write your app in JS, get Node to render it on the server for you like in the old days.

I really get annoyed when a page just presents a basic shell and starts loading content with JS, for no particular reason. Design your websites so they are usable even without JS, it's not that hard

apps delegating heavy lifting to browsers is also for saving server resources :)

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