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My Journey with the Ethereum Writing Cohort


In early May, while casually scrolling through Twitter, a post by a friend caught my attention. They had just signed up for the Ethereum Writing Cohort, a program designed to enhance writing skills and encourage consistency. As someone who loves writing but occasionally grapples with inconsistency, I saw this as an opportunity to improve myself. Reflecting on my sporadic writing habits, I realized the importance of honing my skills and maintaining a consistent writing practice.

The Structure and Process:

The Ethereum Writing Cohort is a three-week program designed to foster consistent writing habits and skill improvement. Each Friday, participants propose article topics on the Ethereum Discord channel. The following Wednesday, participants submit their written articles and share the links on Discord for others to read, provide feedback, and engage. On Thursdays, a one-hour Zoom meeting is held, facilitated by Grant Nissly, to review the week's progress. During the meeting, participants have 20-minute breakout sessions with 2-3 people to exchange feedback and suggestions on their respective articles.

Key Takeaways:

Participating in the Ethereum Writing Cohort provided me with invaluable insights and skills. Here are the key takeaways from my experience:

Gaining Confidence: Interacting with fellow writers and receiving feedback from them helped boost my confidence in my writing abilities. It reminded me that writing is a continuous learning process.

Learning from Others: Interacting with amazing writers from diverse backgrounds exposed me to various writing styles and techniques. Through observation and discussion, I discovered new ways to improve my own writing.

Leveraging AI: One of the most valuable lessons was learning how to utilize AI tools to improve my writing. From fixing grammar to generating concise paragraphs, I discovered how AI could enhance the quality of my work.

Embracing Vulnerability: The program empowered me to embrace vulnerability when sharing my work. By consistently posting my articles and welcoming constructive feedback, I developed the courage to expose my writing to others, knowing that growth comes from being open and receptive to different perspectives.


By the end of the program, I had written three articles on Web3. This accomplishment earned me a POAP NFT and reinforced my motivation to continue writing. I discovered the importance of embracing imperfection and remaining open to feedback. Notably, one of my articles on peer-to-peer interactions in Web3 garnered significant attention. I would like to express my gratitude to Ethereum community and Grant Nissly for facilitating this inspiring program. Grant's daily motivational emails and reminders played a pivotal role in keeping me motivated and focused on meeting deadlines. I highly recommend the Ethereum Writing Cohort to anyone seeking to improve their writing skills and foster growth in their writing journey.

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