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Learn API Development from Scratch using JavaScript and Core PHP

Adeleye Ayodeji
I am experienced in application and web development using PHP, JavaScript, SQL Database services.
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What is REST API?

To define “REST API”, we have to know what is “REST” and what is “API” first. I’ll do my best to explain it in simple terms because REST has a lot of concepts inside of it that could mean a lot of things.

REST stands for “REpresentational State Transfer”. It is a concept or architecture for managing information over the internet. REST concepts are referred to as resources. A representation of a resource must be stateless. It is usually represented by JSON.

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API stands for “Application Programming Interface”. It is a set of rules that allows one piece of software application to talk to another. Those “rules” can include create, read, update and delete operations.

REST API enable your application to cooperate with one or several different applications using REST concepts.

Learning API Development will increase your web application skills, join us to add more skills to your knowledge on how to create a simple REST API in PHP.

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This Training covers the following topics:

What is REST API?

Why do we need REST API?

Where REST API is used?

File structure:

Setup the database

Read from database

Add to database

Edit from database

Delete from database

Update database


PHP intermediate developer

JavaScript intermediate developer

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