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Leon Adato
Leon Adato

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Who Says “no” in a Job Search?

This is just a quick job search advice post for the week, with a piece of advice I find myself giving out far too often:

It’s the company’s job to tell you “no”. Do not do their job for them!

What I mean is that when I’m working with folks and we’re going through a list of possible jobs to apply for, I get the response “Oh I’d love to apply, but they’re probably going to turn me down.”

You know what I tell them? Apply. Anyway. Because (here it comes), you’re right. The company might say no. But that’s THEIR job, not yours. Your job is to apply. Because they might say yes. But if you do their job pre-emptively, you’ll never know.

Now look, I get it. Rejection isn’t easy. No, really, I get it. And I completely understand when someone tells me they’ve absorbed all the negative responses they can handle for a little while.


When you’re back on that horse, and ready to apply again, you need to do so with both the intention and the belief that “yes” is a very possible answer.

Even if you don’t check all the boxes.

Even if you haven’t done this exact job before.

Even if you don’t think you’ll get it.

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