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Adarsh Madrecha
Adarsh Madrecha

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Can I share GitHub copilot like Netflix account?

Let's be honest, we all at some point in time have shared the Netflix account with Family or Friends.

So, I am wondering if the same can be done with GitHub Copilot too?

Use case: For a hobby project with my two friends, it may turn out to be helpful.

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theabhayprajapati profile image
Abhay Prajapati

You can login to another PC/ Device even another IDE with your GitHub credentials and yes you can start using it.

moopet profile image
Ben Sinclair • Edited on

No, it's against their terms of service.

How you violate the terms of service of one product doesn't affect the terms of service of another.

saloeater profile image

Where do I find thier ToS?

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Auracle • Edited on

Will it stop us tho 😈

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