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Reusing LCD from old Laptop with Raspberry Pi.

adarshkkumar profile image Adarsh.K.Kumar ・1 min read

So I had this old Dell Studio 14 laptop lying around at home. Used it for close to 5 years before its motherboard gave up. I wanted a cheap display for my Raspberry Pi which I bought recently.

I googled and found we can reuse LCD panel from laptop with RaspberryPi but we need a driver/controller board for it. The interface used for communication is LVDS. I got the board for $30 from ebay. It was very easy to setup and now I have a 14" display for my Raspberry PI.



And there it is. We can Indeed hook up any thing that support HDMI or DVI to it, can use as a secondary monitor for your Laptop or maybe make a digital photo frame.If you want to give it a cool look do check out this video.

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