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How can I help a dev who struggles with questions?

adampb profile image Adam Piechocki-Brown ・1 min read

One of my team struggles a bit with direct questions. They sort of seize up a bit. We've chatted about this and they seem to feel under pressure to supply an answer and be sure it's correct answer. We've talked about being super well prepared and also I've demonstrated some simple strategies to buy time when the brain locks up. I've also explained that "I don't know" is an acceptable answer. And that getting it wrong isn't a tragedy, no one will die!

Within our team we can manage this and work with them. But it's tough for them when working with customers. They inevitably ask questions, on a range from desperately vague to downright rude.

Who else out there seizes up a bit when questions are fired at them? What have you done about it? Are there any tips or strategies I can pass along?

Thanks :)

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